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Right Franchising June Monthly Newsletter

Change is on the Horizon 

Each day I am hearing of more franchise businesses that are re-opening and who are bringing on brand new franchisees.  This is exciting news in light of the current situation.  We are a strong nation who is starting to see our cities and states reopen.

I came across a great quote recently “Change will come our way.  We can go through it or we can grow through it.  We grow when we seek out solutions rather than let obstacles hinder us” by George Couros, educator, and Innovative Teaching author.

His timing couldn’t be more perfect.  We are all finding ourselves dealing with some amount of change.

What does your change look like?  Is now the time to change your future?  Is pursuing the dream of business ownership on the horizon?  Don’t let obstacles hinder you.

Regardless of whether you choose to open your own business or become a franchise owner, researching early on is the single most important step in making your decision.

  • What business?
  • Is there a market?
  • Can you afford it?
  • Can you make enough money to make it worthwhile?

As your franchise consultant, I am here to provide guidance and support as you navigate your way through the process.  Don’t hesitate to reach out with any questions or to discuss things further.

I represent a large variety of franchise brands including essential franchises that work during the Pandemic.

These businesses are recession-proof and have strong ROI and profit margins.  Contact me for more information at 281.642.8280.

You’re Awesome!

Are you scared of taking chances and doing what truly makes you happy, so you often conform to other people’s opinions just to fit in?

Happiness is what everyone should achieve in life, while avoiding stressful situations, uncomfortable emotions, and challenging obstacles.

Always be happy, because having any other emotion is unnatural.

Excerpt from the Best Motivational Article Ever written by Phil Janecic, MIND OF STEEL

Blue bar

I know these are crazy times, but I wanted you to be aware of how the government could substantially help you.

Our lenders are working with SBA to facilitate what is called a FORGIVENESS LOAN. What this means is that if you want to own a franchise now, you can get the first six months of your payment (loan and interest) FORGIVEN! That is, you do not have to pay the first six months of monthly notes on your business. You do not have to pay this EVER! This program ends September 27, 2020.

Read more here: https://lnkd.in/gaWjGtc

How Veteran Business Owners are Using
Their Military Crisis Skills During Pandemic

PuroClean restoration specialists do deep Covid-19 cleaning for the Barlett Fire department in TN.  Steve White, the company’s president and COO, instituted protocols from day one to ensure business operations continue in case of any unforeseen disaster, something he learned as a former U.S. Army infantry officer. Read more!


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