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We’ve all heard that there are two types of people in this world, but the statement is usually followed by a punchline. According to former Harvard psychology professor Carol Dweck and a book she wrote on the subject, people really do fall into two groups: those with a fixed mindset and those with a growth mindset. Mindset is powerful. It can be limiting or expanding, which can impact a person’s entire perception of their pursuits and determine what they accomplish. This is particularly interesting when exploring these concepts in the context of business ownership.

If you own your own business or aspire to, here’s what you need to know about fixed mindset vs. growth mindset.

If a person has a fixed mindset, they believe the qualities that make up their personality and abilities are fixed, or they can’t be altered or changed. A person with a growth mindset believes that they can evolve over time.

Many aspiring or current entrepreneurs are choosing to become franchisees because of the support and growth mindset of the Franchisor.

Source: Neighborly brand, blog June 20, 2019

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Value is the Key to Building Relationships

Leaders can improve relationships by understanding their personal value and finding ways to show other they are valued, writes John Maxwell.  “You invite people into relationship when you as a leader regularly serve others, are quick with a kind word, and are first to encourage someone.”  Read more!

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The Measurable Value of the Franchise Consultant

written by Natalie Barnes, president of Business Alliance, Inc.

Is there measurable value when it comes to working with a franchise consultant to find a franchise? Make sure the time spent with a franchise consultant brings direct value to you. And that value should be measurable!  Here are THREE areas that are measurable when it comes to working with a good franchise consultant:

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We only have so much time in a day. A good franchise consultant will save you time! They will only show you companies that fit your goals. If they don’t, you will know right away and you move on! Our BAI franchise consultants listen, understand you, and focus on alignment of your goals to the franchise company. A win-win for all!

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Which is better; one concept or a few hundred? Our BAI franchise consultants represent a few hundred franchise companies. They are not focused on one brand or one industry. They are focused on you and come from an unbiased perspective!

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Relationships matter! Now, this may be subjective but it is measurable! The franchise consultant will develop a relationship with you to understand YOU. They will show you franchise companies or industries you may not have thought of or concepts that are out of the box! The results lead to finding the RIGHT franchise that will meet YOUR goals! Now that is measurable!


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