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Right Franchising Overview

Right Franchise Has the Right Experience!

(c) Can Stock Photo_Right Franchising BlogAt Right Franchising, we understand the excitement of owning your own business, and we understand the fearRight Franchising has owned three successful businesses.  We found our business through a franchise consultant.

What Right Franchising Does

Here at Right Franchising, we put our business experience to work helping others investigate franchises and make an informed decision. Our services are at no charge to you as we are paid by the franchise associations.  So, the price for a franchise is the same whether you use a franchise consultant or go it alone. There are no contracts or long-term commitments—just good solid information.  You gain peace of mind and security around your final decision. And, that’s what’s important; this is all about YOU!

The Clients Right Franchising Wants

Right Franchising wants clients who want to know more about franchising and if it is right for them.  They need to be serious about having their own business so that we can provide a thorough and methodical search.  This targeted search saves our clients time, frustration and prevents costly mistakes. That’s why you want to purchase a franchise; the mistakes have already been made and learned from. You get the benefit of their mistakes and their AHA moments.

Questions You May Be Asking Yourself

(c) Can Stock Photo_Right Franchising BlogIs franchise ownership right for me?  How will I know?

Tools from Right Franchising:

  1. Business Characteristic Assessment—10 minutes online.  Answers the following questions:
  • Should I pursue a franchise or a job?
  •  What types of franchises are right for me?
  •  What do I value in a franchise model that fits me?

 How much money will I need?  How do I fund a business?

  1. We will provide funding assistance and analysis.
  2.  We find good sources with low interest or no interest rates for our clients.
  3.  It is easier to fund a business than to buy a home.  You just need the right sources.

How do I evaluate a franchise?
With expertise and tools provided by Right Franchising.

  1. A step by step process to provide clarity and peace of mind.
  2. Expert assistance and attorney referrals to help you understand the Franchise Disclosure Document.  What it really means.
  3. Franchisee Satisfaction Reports answers the question:  Are franchisees happy in the franchise?
  4. What questions do I ask of the franchisor and franchisees?

Your consultant will provide the right questions and in most cases be on the call with you.

Will I make the money I want and need to make?

Here are the tools from Right Franchise to provide real numbers that are understandable and make sense to you.

  1. Easy to understand Performa’s (spreadsheets) with gross revenues, expenses and net (take home) income.
  2. How to ask the financial questions of other franchise owners.  Again, Right Franchising will guide you to the right questions to ask.
  3. How soon will I see revenue coming in?  (You will know before purchasing your franchise.)
  4. How much money will I need during the ramp up period?  (This is a step in the due diligence process)

Click on the link for our Step by Step Process for owning a franchise.  Check it out – there are only 7 steps – anyone can do seven steps. Then when you’ve had a chance to read it through, share with your partner or spouse, then take the first step! Call me if you are interested in starting on the right path with Right Franchising! (more…)

Your GPS guidance to Success

The old saying is there are only two guarantees in life – unfortunately, neither of them are “You’re guaranteed to be wealthy.” But, what if you had a roadmap, like your GPS,  that helped you determine a route to your best earning potential?

After all, we really want to know three things about a franchise:
1. Will it make the money?
2. Are the franchisees (owners) in the franchise system supported by the franchisor?
3. Are the franchisees (owners) in the franchise system happy?

Investigating a franchise provides the answers to the above questions.

Depending on the franchise systems you investigate, some offer a financial statement in their Franchise Disclosure Document (FDD) – also known as an Item 19 – and others provide contact information for existing franchisees for you to gather the earnings information individually. While approximately 20% of franchises offer an Item 19, many great systems can only provide franchisee contact information. The franchisees can provide you with a great deal of information on the system and what’s needed for success, but perhaps you are not that comfortable digging into the business of a stranger?

The answer is likely: not very! Thankfully we’re here to help, and assisting you in investigating franchisees’ earnings is just one of the several services we provide to help you understand your earning potential with a franchise system. We can be on the phone with you during your calls and provide you with effective questions that can get you the most valuable information.

In addition, we provide one hour of consultation with a professional accountant to help you review the system and its financial stability free. We can also provide a Performa, so you can identify your break-even point – how much revenue you’ll need to generate and a sales target outlined before you even purchase your business.

While it’s true, few things in life are guaranteed, preparation and education can come close in making you feel just as secure. At the very end of this structured due diligence, is the opportunity to make an informed decision and have peace of mind for you and your family whether you purchase a franchise or not.

To receive your free roadmap (GPS) guidance to the right franchise for you, call me or email me at 877-307-1458 or Gayle@RightFranchising.com.  We will share our “Insider’s Guide to Business Ownership” manual at no charge.

Gayle Sutton

Certified Franchise Consultant and Immigration Specialist

Gratitude; What Are You Grateful For?

Early Morning Sunrise graphic

This is the time of year that many people reflect on their relationships, their lives, what they have, and what they don’t.

If we focus on what we don’t have, that list can be long and expensive.  If we focus on what we do have: a ready smile, a helping hand, a caring heart…those are things that are free. And, you can give away as many as you want, and you are no poorer.

When you think of the last twelve months, do you remember the joy you felt when you saw the sun rise on a crisp fall morning? Or the happiness you felt on the first day of the New Year? So many things you resolved to change, to do or not do? Or the sight of the first flower of spring?  Or, the breathtaking beauty of a summer sunset?

What about your experiences? When was your last “Random Act of Kindness?” Have you ever been on the receiving end of someone “paying it forward?” You are giving joy without expecting anything in return. And, you both win. You did something nice for someone, and it brought a smile to their face and gratitude in their heart. And, maybe they passed it on.  Like that old Herbal Essence shampoo commercial (…and they told two friends, and they told two friends, etc.)

I’m going to gather my thoughts, reflect on what I have and hold that in my heart, and be grateful for what I have. I know that living in gratitude will affect my outlook and my health. And, I want to be grateful for a good long time!

Gratitude jar graphic

Gratitude Jar

I saw this great idea – want to try it too? It’s a Gratitude Jar. You can either use a plain Mason jar or jazz it up so you’re more likely to keep it front and center. (Make sure it’s a good size; you’ll have 365 memories in there!) Starting tomorrow, write one good thing that happened to you that day. It might be a goal you accomplished, a sweet memory, good news, moments that made you laugh, what you’re grateful for, etc. That’s just a simple list; I know you’ll have more ideas.  Then, one year from tomorrow, open up your jar and start reading!  It’s sure to bring smiles and tears…but they’re happy tears!

What am I grateful for…well, I’m going to write it down right now! So, what are you grateful for?

When it comes to life, the critical thing is whether you take things for granted, or take them with Gratitude.  ~ Gilbert K. Chesterton

Today is your last day…

It was a bright sunny day when I told the manager that today was his last day.  He did something I wasn’t expecting.  He bolted from the room and started running through the warehouse!

I ran after him in my heels.  You see, I was the Human Resources Director that told him, “Today is your last day.”  I chased him to his car where he was slamming the car door over and over again.  I approached him cautiously.  I said, “You don’t understand, we have a severance package for you.”

He said, “You don’t understand, we just bought a new house and we have a baby on the way.”

That is when it happened!  I knew I had to find an alternative to the J.O.B.  There had to be something else where people are more in control of what happens to them.

I found franchising.  I begin to get excited when I read the following:

  • Retirement Fund Contributions (Pre-taxed Dollars):
    • Employees are capped at $17,500 annually
    • Business Owners may contribute up to $50,000 annually

Source: Bureau of Labor Statistics Study of the American Worker

So, if you could gain control of your life as well as put aside $50,000 annually, why wouldn’t franchising be an option?  I believe it is!

Owning a franchise is the best assurance you can get that you will never hear these words, “Today is your last day.”    Please call me at 877-307-1458 for a free consultation to learn more about franchising and if it is right for you.

Gayle Sutton
Certified Franchise Consultant 877-307-1458 or Gayle@RightFranchising.com