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Are You Ready to Help People and Their Dogs?

Are you looking to start a pet-related business working with dogs and people?

If so, then THIS franchise offers the best training for dogs while making a difference in people’s lives, just like the Dog Whisperer!

The owners in this franchise have increased their revenue by 25% in 2020.

Text Box: COVID and 

As dogs and other pets have become more of an important part of the family, there is a tremendous need to for our services. Unlike other businesses, you really need to have a passion and love for dogs to be successful. But other than that, there’s really no limit in customers and growing your business! Think about it; you can earn a nice income.  

  • Low entry cost with a very good income.
  • Around $50,000 and with good credit you can get a loan.
  • There are almost 80 million dogs living in households as family pets.
  • The pet industry has seen amazing growth over the past 15+ years.
  • in addition, according to an annual report on pet industry spending, Americans spent over $50 billion in 2014 on their pets.

A great business for dog lovers!

Learn how to become a certified professional dog trainer through our proprietary training system that really works! Not only will you learn how to become a dog trainer but you will also learn how to earn a good living doing it. 

Because our franchisees are fully trained in our proven system through a combination of hands-on and classes and support, you can have little or no experience and still be fully trained in just two to four weeks!

What are the benefits of our pet franchise?

  • An easy business that you can truly run from your home.
  • Enjoy your freedom with flexible hours that you set for yourself.
  • Low start-up costs because you don’t need special equipment or to rent a location.
  • Because of a stellar reputation in the industry, it gives you instant credibility.
  • Meanwhile, the market – dog ownership is on the rise in the United States, creating a huge opportunity for professional dog trainers.
  • Learn the secret of successful dog training while the franchise helps drive clients to you with state of the art SEO technology and more.
  • And finally, training is human and natural.

Here’s what you need to be successful (with dogs and people):

  • Love dogs and working with people
  • Have great communication and sales skills
  • Are highly motivated and are committed to success
  • Want a flexible schedule and freedom from the 9 to 5 grind.

So, that’s pretty much it. We will teach you the rest!

In conclusion, if you’re interested in learning more about this franchise, please schedule a 30-minute time slot on my calendar below. You can easily see my real-time availability and schedule time with me at https://calendly.com/gayle-2020

Interesting Franchise Opportunity

WoodenHouse graphic

Are You Looking for Potential 6 Figure Revenue?

Would you like to run a business that has the following attributes?

  1.  It is in the senior market but not healthcare.
  2. It has multiple streams of revenue.
  3. Average franchise revenue is around $450,000.
  4. Very little overhead, so expenses are very low.
  5. Presently working well in our COVID-19 environment.
  6. Have repeat customers and very little competition.
  7. Simple and fun to run.
  8. Scalable.  You can hire teams to run the business.
  9. Low cost of entry:  Total investment $67,600 to $78,800
  10. Loan requirements are minimal:  700 credit score and around $30,000 down payment.

GREAT NEWS!! Currently, this franchise is delaying royalties for 3 months and helping pay your marketing expenses for 3 months. 

If you would like to know more, please schedule a 15 minute appointment with me, Gayle Sutton, Franchise Coach. You can easily see my real-time availability and schedule time with me at https://calendly.com/gayle-2020

Right Franchising June Monthly Newsletter

Change is on the Horizon 

Each day I am hearing of more franchise businesses that are re-opening and who are bringing on brand new franchisees.  This is exciting news in light of the current situation.  We are a strong nation who is starting to see our cities and states reopen.

I came across a great quote recently “Change will come our way.  We can go through it or we can grow through it.  We grow when we seek out solutions rather than let obstacles hinder us” by George Couros, educator, and Innovative Teaching author.

His timing couldn’t be more perfect.  We are all finding ourselves dealing with some amount of change.

What does your change look like?  Is now the time to change your future?  Is pursuing the dream of business ownership on the horizon?  Don’t let obstacles hinder you.

Regardless of whether you choose to open your own business or become a franchise owner, researching early on is the single most important step in making your decision.

  • What business?
  • Is there a market?
  • Can you afford it?
  • Can you make enough money to make it worthwhile?

As your franchise consultant, I am here to provide guidance and support as you navigate your way through the process.  Don’t hesitate to reach out with any questions or to discuss things further.

I represent a large variety of franchise brands including essential franchises that work during the Pandemic.

These businesses are recession-proof and have strong ROI and profit margins.  Contact me for more information at 281.642.8280.

You’re Awesome!

Are you scared of taking chances and doing what truly makes you happy, so you often conform to other people’s opinions just to fit in?

Happiness is what everyone should achieve in life, while avoiding stressful situations, uncomfortable emotions, and challenging obstacles.

Always be happy, because having any other emotion is unnatural.

Excerpt from the Best Motivational Article Ever written by Phil Janecic, MIND OF STEEL

Blue bar

I know these are crazy times, but I wanted you to be aware of how the government could substantially help you.

Our lenders are working with SBA to facilitate what is called a FORGIVENESS LOAN. What this means is that if you want to own a franchise now, you can get the first six months of your payment (loan and interest) FORGIVEN! That is, you do not have to pay the first six months of monthly notes on your business. You do not have to pay this EVER! This program ends September 27, 2020.

Read more here: https://lnkd.in/gaWjGtc

How Veteran Business Owners are Using
Their Military Crisis Skills During Pandemic

PuroClean restoration specialists do deep Covid-19 cleaning for the Barlett Fire department in TN.  Steve White, the company’s president and COO, instituted protocols from day one to ensure business operations continue in case of any unforeseen disaster, something he learned as a former U.S. Army infantry officer. Read more!


Gayle Sutton, Right Franchising, LLC.

EMAIL: Gayle@RightFranchising.com

PHONE NUMBER: 281.642.8280

Gayle Sutton is an experienced franchise consultant who will share her inside secrets into the world of franchise ownership with you. Right Franchising has developed a unique successful process for matching our candidates with the right franchise, providing the expertise and tools to help each candidate make an informed decision. Right Franchising prevents costly mistakes and has successfully placed candidates and investor groups in franchising in 12 years. 

Right Franchising February Monthly Newsletter

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Franchising vs. Start-up

As a franchise consultant I’m frequently asked, “What are the benefits of purchasing a franchise versus a start-up”?  There are many, however some of the ones that are at the top of the list are:

  • Proven system of operation – An attractive feature of most franchises is that they have a proven system of operation. This system has been developed and refined over time by the franchisor.
  • Name recognition – Established franchisors can offer a national or regional name recognition.
  • Management assistance – A franchisor provides management assistance to their franchisees. This may include accounting procedures, personnel management, facility management, etc.
  • Developing a business plan – Most franchisors help franchisees develop a business plan. Many elements of the plan are standard operating procedures that have already been established by the franchisor. Other parts of the plan are customized to the needs of the franchisee.

In addition to the above, franchisees are provided assistance with financing, marketing and general start-up.

The experience of the franchisor’s management team increases the potential for success.  This experience is often conveyed through formal instruction and on-the-job training.

Contact me to discuss this in more detail and to learn how franchising may be a great fit into your long-term goals.

Valentine Quotes

Age does not protect you from love. But love, to some extent, protects you from age.– Anais Nin

The best and most beautiful things in the world cannot be seen or even touched. They must be felt with the heart.Helen Keller

We’re all a little weird, and life’s a little weird. And when we find someone whose weirdness is compatible with ours, we join up with them and fall in mutual weirdness and call it love. — Dr. Seuss

Planning for Maximal Productivity

Planning for Maximal Productivity

Productivity in or out of the workplace is a huge challenge.  In this article, Naphtali Hoff, president of Impactful Coaching & Consulting, points out that there are 4 steps to increased productivity. 1. Plan it, 2. Share it, 3. Do it, 4. Sustain it.  The planning process is in many ways the hardest part.  His five steps of the planning stage include: Identify the right tasks, Manage and prioritize your to-do list, Set positive, approachable goals, Organize your workspace and Determine what’s needed.  Read more!

It is about the BRAND?

written by Natalie Barnes, president of Business Alliance, Inc.

Why do people buy a franchise? It may be emotionally driven related to the food or it may relate to a personal experience with the brand. Whatever the reason, taking the plunge to owning a franchise business means you may want one or many of the below reasons:

  • Work – Life Balance
  • More flexibility
  • Financial gain
  • The ability to give back in your community
  • Create a family legacy
  • More control

What do we do? We understand YOUR WHY! And we don’t look at the brand. Our focus is the model, the role of the owner, and if it is a model that can connect your financial goals to your lifestyle goals! The questions we ask will NOT cover the food you like, where you take your car, or any specific brand! It will be about the business model relating to revenue streams, who are your customers, the value proposition, the key players, and costs; just to name a few.

You must believe in your brand. But START with the business model and end with the brand! You may be pleasantly surprised!


Gayle Sutton, Right Franchising, LLC.

EMAIL: Gayle@RightFranchising.com

PHONE NUMBER: 281.642.8280

Gayle Sutton is an experienced franchise consultant who will share her inside secrets into the world of franchise ownership with you. Right Franchising has developed a unique successful process for matching our candidates with the right franchise, providing the expertise and tools to help each candidate make an informed decision. Right Franchising prevents costly mistakes and has successfully placed candidates and investor groups in franchising in 12 years. 

Right Franchising September Monthly Newsletter

Mindset_World graphicSeptember2019Graphic








We’ve all heard that there are two types of people in this world, but the statement is usually followed by a punchline. According to former Harvard psychology professor Carol Dweck and a book she wrote on the subject, people really do fall into two groups: those with a fixed mindset and those with a growth mindset. Mindset is powerful. It can be limiting or expanding, which can impact a person’s entire perception of their pursuits and determine what they accomplish. This is particularly interesting when exploring these concepts in the context of business ownership.

If you own your own business or aspire to, here’s what you need to know about fixed mindset vs. growth mindset.

If a person has a fixed mindset, they believe the qualities that make up their personality and abilities are fixed, or they can’t be altered or changed. A person with a growth mindset believes that they can evolve over time.

Many aspiring or current entrepreneurs are choosing to become franchisees because of the support and growth mindset of the Franchisor.

Source: Neighborly brand, blog June 20, 2019

Meet Mike







Value is the Key to Building Relationships

Leaders can improve relationships by understanding their personal value and finding ways to show other they are valued, writes John Maxwell.  “You invite people into relationship when you as a leader regularly serve others, are quick with a kind word, and are first to encourage someone.”  Read more!

1,2,3, Graphic
The Measurable Value of the Franchise Consultant

written by Natalie Barnes, president of Business Alliance, Inc.

Is there measurable value when it comes to working with a franchise consultant to find a franchise? Make sure the time spent with a franchise consultant brings direct value to you. And that value should be measurable!  Here are THREE areas that are measurable when it comes to working with a good franchise consultant:

Red bar graphicONE:

We only have so much time in a day. A good franchise consultant will save you time! They will only show you companies that fit your goals. If they don’t, you will know right away and you move on! Our BAI franchise consultants listen, understand you, and focus on alignment of your goals to the franchise company. A win-win for all!

Short Blue bar divider TWO:

Which is better; one concept or a few hundred? Our BAI franchise consultants represent a few hundred franchise companies. They are not focused on one brand or one industry. They are focused on you and come from an unbiased perspective!

Red bar graphicTHREE:

Relationships matter! Now, this may be subjective but it is measurable! The franchise consultant will develop a relationship with you to understand YOU. They will show you franchise companies or industries you may not have thought of or concepts that are out of the box! The results lead to finding the RIGHT franchise that will meet YOUR goals! Now that is measurable!


Gayle Sutton, Right Franchising, LLC.

EMAIL: Gayle@RightFranchising.com

PHONE NUMBER: 281.642.8280

Gayle Sutton is an experienced franchise consultant who will share her inside secrets into the world of franchise ownership with you. Right Franchising has developed a unique successful process for matching our candidates with the right franchise, providing the expertise and tools to help each candidate make an informed decision. Right Franchising prevents costly mistakes and has successfully placed candidates and investor groups in franchising in 12 years. 

Are You Seeking The Hottest Franchise?

(c) Can Stock Photo / alexmillosAs a franchise coach, I am often asked, “What is the hottest franchise?”

The answer is one that most people don’t like, “Well, it depends.”  What may be  a good franchise good for your brother Joe may not be good for you.  You may have different requirements, different dreams and different goals than your brother Joe.

So, how do you find the “best” franchise for you?  Most of our clients ask this question:

What is a good franchise that I enjoy, and that will work well in my market and for my life?

When I Googled, what is the hottest franchise, my search returned a lot of companies advertising all sorts of brands.  It was more gloss than substance.  You want to move beyond the gloss and ask these six questions:

  1. How much does it really cost?
  2. Will it work in my market?
  3. Can I still have the lifestyle I want?
  4. How much money will it make and when can I start making it?
  5. What type of support will I get?
  6. How stable is the franchise for long term growth and development?

Where Do You Start

To find a good franchise that works will in your market and for your life, start with yourself.  Write down the pros and cons of your last three jobs.  This will give you an idea of what you like.  Ask friends and family to help you understand your strengths and weaknesses.  You can also use our free business assessment to learn more.

Click here to start our free business assessment.


Visit with a good financial advisor, banker or 401K rollover specialist.  Learn what your options are for funding your new business.  It is always best to put together a plan of both your personal and business financial goals.  You want to be able to afford the business, as well as pay your personal bills, as the franchise starts to build and grow.

Your Market Area

Use data to understand your market better.  A good resource is www.citydata.com.  Notice the salaries in the area and the distribution of commercial versus residential.  Notice the average age of the residents in your area.


Does your family support your decision to buy a franchise?  Most everyone has bought a house or car.  Buying this kind of business is a much bigger decision even though franchises are highly successful.  Your family needs to be involved and support you.  Ask these three questions.

  1. If we buy a business, will you support me?
  2. What type of support will we give one another to make this new business work?
  3. Who will do what if a family member wants to be actively involved in the business?
  4. And, finally, do you all agree on the overall budget for the business? Do your homework on funding.

Learn to Involve Subject Matter Experts (SME)

Are you an “Unconscious Incompetent?” Do you know what you don’t know? This is where SMEs can be handy.

Your SMEs should be a good franchise coach, accountant, franchise attorney and banker. Do your due diligence on the business. (Investigate the business long before you write a check)

There is a lot to due diligence.  But speaking with the other franchisees (owners) in the franchise system is where you will uncover a wealth of good solid information including true earnings, challenges and rewards of owning this business.

“Other factors to consider when deciding on a franchise: how long locations have been open, net
openings in any given year; and growth potential of the concept’s given industry. Finally,
investors should talk to established franchisees in the system.”  The Street

What is the hottest franchise?  It is one that fits you, one you can afford and one in which you have completed your due diligence.

Right Franchising helps our clients with finding the right franchise for them and then we provide all the tools to help them complete a thorough due diligence on the franchise.  We prevent costly mistakes.  And, most importantly, we help our clients make well-informed decisions.

A Veteran, a Franchise, and His Mother – Part III Evaluating

Part III:  Evaluating a Franchise Opportunity

Evaluating - Thumbs Up Thumbs DownBefore we talk about evaluating, let’s look back at Bill’s journey to find the right franchise for him:

Right Franchising presented four solid secure franchises that fit Bill’s criteria, investment range and his passion for a business.

Next step:  Evaluating the franchises that are a good match for Bill.

So, how do you evaluate a franchise?  Most people find this a daunting task and one in which they have little or no experience.

Let’s take it one step at a time:

Step 1:  Learn More About Your Preferred Franchise

Right Franchising will schedule a call with the right person for each franchise.  This will help us take a deeper dive into the details of each franchise.

Have you thought about the questions you should ask of each franchise?  Right Franchising suggests the following:

  1. What is unique about the product and services this franchise offers?
  2. What are the long term goals & growth strategy of your company?
  3. Tell me about how you will help me attract customers or clients.
  4. Tell me about the training and help in the field I’ll need.
  5. How much working capital will I need? What do you suggest?

Step 2:  The Franchise Disclosure Document.

Some of my clients refer to this as a good “door stop” document.  You will receive a federal document that has some great information in it but it is “HUGE.”    Most can be anywhere from 300 to 800 pages or more!

So, how do you take a bite out of this part of the elephant?

Next month, we will discuss Step 2 of evaluating a franchise —The Franchise Disclosure Document.   I will show you the best kept secret about how to quickly go through this document and get the information you are seeking.

To find the right franchise for you and make an informed decision, please email Gayle@RightFranchising.com for a free consultation.

A Veteran, a Franchise and his Mother…Part II

Bill’s Franchise Story – Part II

The Franchise story continues about Bill, a franchise and his mother.  Previously, Bill, my client had followed all the steps for finding the right franchise for him.  He completed the online assessment and completed the questionnaire.

franchise, canstockphoto6704318We spent 30 minutes understanding what interests him and what categories of franchises were of interest.  Bill and I talked about his skill set, types of businesses he has thought of and his investment range.  But, more importantly, we talked about what he really likes to do each day and what motivates him.  Without someone asking the right questions, it is hard to really know what motivates each of us.  This is where Right Franchising provided value with our experience and focused approach.

Here is what we discovered together:

  1. Bill loves to help people.
  2. He has great organizational skills.
  3. Bill needs a business that is flexible with his work schedule and family.
  4. He wanted a business that was a niche business with little competition.

There was more but you get the idea!  It is all about asking the RIGHT questions and a targeted strategic search.  My team spent four days searching franchises and business opportunities that fit Bill’s criteria and investment range.  We also made sure that the territory was available for each franchise or business opportunity selected.

Now, for the fun part of what Right Franchising does: I presented four good solid franchises that matched Bill’s criteria in every way.  This four was narrowed down from hundreds of franchises that either did not fit or were unavailable in Bill’s area.  We save our clients time, money and frustration with our targeted strategic focused approach.

We talked about the pluses and minuses of each franchise.  We also talked about his vision about how each franchise would work and what his day-to-day would be like.  He was excited about two of them because he liked them and wanted his family, particularly his mother, to be a part of the business.  They both have respect and regard for each other and felt they could work together comfortably.

So, now, we have four solid franchises that fit Bill’s criteria and investment range.  Each is successful and we are ready to evaluate them.  So, how do you evaluate a franchise?  Look for Part III entitled “Due Diligence”. 

If you would like to take my online assessment which helps you learn what types of businesses may fit you, please click on the assessment link.

A veteran, a franchise and his mother…

(c) Can Stock Photo

My franchise story this month starts with my client, Bill.  Bill is in the armed services. He has made a career out of the army.  No, he doesn’t strap on his field boots and gun every day, but he does wield a sophisticated system that trains hundreds of our men and women for combat.

I started working with Bill when he knew he wanted something more…something that was rock solid.  He said the government is great but there are constant restrictions and cutbacks.  So, we began our process of finding the right franchise for Bill that would give him that feeling of security and peace of mind.

Part I—The Assessment (10 minutes) which gives fast and accurate information about Bill.

First, Bill and I worked on understanding what interests him.  We spent about 30 minutes together and I was able to get to know him better.  We talked about his skill set, types of businesses he has thought about and his investment range.  But more importantly, we talked about what he really likes to do each day and what motivates him.  Bill loved to help people and has great organizational skills.  All of these are good transferable skills to a franchise.

Next, Bill took Right Franchising’s online assessment.  Ten minutes to find out the following:

1.        Should Bill actually own a business?

2.        If so, what values should that business have that Bill holds dear?

3.        What type of franchises would fit Bill’s skill set and risk-tolerance level?

Once we completed the Assessment, his Interest Inventory and a questionnaire, I went to work.  There are 4000 franchises out there and many are good; but some are not. As a certified franchise counselor, I work with franchises day in and day out, and know the ones that are good franchises with excellent return on investment and strong financial performers.

Right Franchising found four good franchises that fit Bill’s criteria and met his investment range.  We also made sure the territory was available.

Next week, I will post our results and how Bill chose the right franchise for him and, oh yes, how his mother became an integral part of his business.

To learn more about franchising and if it is the right path for you, please reach out Gayle at 832-864-2687 or Gayle@RightFranchising.com.