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Monthly Archive: November 2014

Gratitude; What Are You Grateful For?

Early Morning Sunrise graphic

This is the time of year that many people reflect on their relationships, their lives, what they have, and what they don’t.

If we focus on what we don’t have, that list can be long and expensive.  If we focus on what we do have: a ready smile, a helping hand, a caring heart…those are things that are free. And, you can give away as many as you want, and you are no poorer.

When you think of the last twelve months, do you remember the joy you felt when you saw the sun rise on a crisp fall morning? Or the happiness you felt on the first day of the New Year? So many things you resolved to change, to do or not do? Or the sight of the first flower of spring?  Or, the breathtaking beauty of a summer sunset?

What about your experiences? When was your last “Random Act of Kindness?” Have you ever been on the receiving end of someone “paying it forward?” You are giving joy without expecting anything in return. And, you both win. You did something nice for someone, and it brought a smile to their face and gratitude in their heart. And, maybe they passed it on.  Like that old Herbal Essence shampoo commercial (…and they told two friends, and they told two friends, etc.)

I’m going to gather my thoughts, reflect on what I have and hold that in my heart, and be grateful for what I have. I know that living in gratitude will affect my outlook and my health. And, I want to be grateful for a good long time!

Gratitude jar graphic

Gratitude Jar

I saw this great idea – want to try it too? It’s a Gratitude Jar. You can either use a plain Mason jar or jazz it up so you’re more likely to keep it front and center. (Make sure it’s a good size; you’ll have 365 memories in there!) Starting tomorrow, write one good thing that happened to you that day. It might be a goal you accomplished, a sweet memory, good news, moments that made you laugh, what you’re grateful for, etc. That’s just a simple list; I know you’ll have more ideas.  Then, one year from tomorrow, open up your jar and start reading!  It’s sure to bring smiles and tears…but they’re happy tears!

What am I grateful for…well, I’m going to write it down right now! So, what are you grateful for?

When it comes to life, the critical thing is whether you take things for granted, or take them with Gratitude.  ~ Gilbert K. Chesterton